Monday, September 3, 2007

Oliver Goldsmith Custom Eyewear

The British eyewear company Oliver Goldsmith, widely considered one of the founders of the concept of fashion eyewear, has been designing eyewear since the 1920's.

With as much of a stock of past designs as that, and their widespread sucess in fashion since the 60's, Oliver Goldsmith has an interesting current approach to manufacture of its eyewear.

They sell many ready to wear editions of their previously designed pieces, such as this "Eddy" model, originally created in 1969 and was favored by Peter Sellers.

One interesting option available, for truly unique eyewear, is to visit their Notting Hill showroom. Here Oliver Goldsmith's has a service starting around £230 that allows clients to pick from any past design in their archive, and customize it with choices of frame material and lens color. Each pair is then handcrafted and fitted to the clients specifications, "this is bespoke at its best."

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