Friday, August 31, 2007

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Let's talk a bit about a classic pair of sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer was introduced by Bausch & Lomb in 1952 and was an instant sucess has been a style icon ever since. The shape and design of the sunglasses took advantage of recent advances in plastic technology and represented a bold contemporary style. With celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Kim Novak publicily wearing the Wayfarer in the 50's, Audrey Hepburn wearing them in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and icons like Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Roy Orbison, and JFK wearing them these sunglasses became a classic.

The Wayfarer then had a resurgence and a huge rise in sales in the early 1980's with key product placement in cult classic films such as "The Blues Brothers" and "Risky Business."

In recent years, the Wayfarers have been re-released by Ray-Ban and have been a huge sucess, largely due to celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Kirsten Dunst, Chloe Sevigny, and Lindsay Lohan wearing them in paparazzi photos all over the gossip blogs.

But what are the differences between these various generations and incarnations of these classic sunglasses?

The vintage B&L Wayfarer's were the 5022 model. This number was imprinted on the inside of the temples or inside above the lens. The lenses are tinted green and have an etched "B L" logo on the outside of each lens.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers of the 2000's are slightly flatter and are have the model number 2140. This is imprinted on the inside of the temple. They also have a script Ray-Ban emblem on the lens and on the outside of the temples a feature on some of the earlier models but not all, especially those from the 80's era. These also come in many more color combinations, some a little crazier and bold than others.

There are also other models of the Wayfarer, including the 2039 model, which is a folding version of the Wayfarer.

For some more models and editions of the classic wayfarer, this japanese sight has a bunch of great photos.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Kanye West, Jeremy Scott

Earlier this month we posted about Kanye West's louvered shade sunglasses that were getting all the attention. But we've got an update and a new angle on the issue that no one's really presented yet.

He's wearing 2 different pairs of sunglasses in the Stronger video right? check out around the 1:54 mark and look out for these:

These are the signature series sunglasses that Jeremy Scott designed for the summer 2006 Linda Farrow Vintage eyewear collection. They were available for a while at Colette in Paris for €225, but its doubtful you can find them anymore. Kanye's got a thing for unique frames, and these are pretty bold. But he's equally adept at picking eyewear that's hard to come by these days.

Look what Mr. West is wearing in the Itunes photo for his new album. These sunglasses are getting even more publicity.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ebay Alert

Came across these on Ebay and thought it would be cool to share them with our readers.

The seller describes them as "Vintage White plastic frame sunglasses with lizard skin details on the sides. Comes with Green gradient lenses. Size is 57mm (across each lens), 12mm (across the nose bridge) and 125mm (length of the arm)."

We love the chunky white frames, the green gradient lenses, and the snake skin addition makes them killer.

Disclaimer: We're not the ones selling these sunglasses, nor are we reaping any profit from their sale. As with the rest of the items we feature on this blog, we just think these are interesting and our readership might be interested in them.

With that said, if you'd like to see the auction and maybe bid, here's the link:
Vintage White Plastic Frame Sunglasses With Lizard Skin Ebay Auction

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ProDesign Denmark

Here's a Danish eyewear designer with a flare for well designed, very angular modern looking eyewear.
ProDesign is headquartered in Denmark and brings a Northern European approach to design and eyewear. This is the type of eyewear perfect for those in the design or architecture field or who are forward thinking when it comes to well designed objects.

ProDesign 4113 shown in color 4021 - Matt Medium Red, size 52¤19

ProDesign 5101 shown in color 6031- Matt Dark Black, size 51¤18, part of their "Iris" collection which has been recently garnering design award nominations.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ralph Lauren Polo, Marc Jacobs, Isoceles Trapezoids.

Presented for your consideration:
There seems to be a striking similarity between these two plastic framed aviators. Most noticably through the bridge where both models feature a near isocoles trapezoid cut-out.

The Marc Jacobs MJ012/S, which may be listed on the site a only available in "Black Leopard" but which is at the Barney's Co-op store in a few other colors as well.

The Ralph Lauren Polo 4011, shown here in tortise with green lenses, but probably a more stylish choice in black with grey lenses.

If you're into chunky plastic framed aviators then you've got two nice ones to pick from here. If you're into isosoles trapezoids too then you're in heaven. These two are pretty similarly priced (a little under $200); its up to your tastes which you prefer.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


The brand Sabre out of California has really been doing things right. Above is their "Sunday" model, which is nice and simple with a good attention paid to details. Not to mention that V is pretty hot too.

The "Crue" sunglasses are a nice end of the summer eyewear, but still with that stunner aviator look, and really benefit from their simplicity. Frame colors are almost exclusively black/white with the ocassional blue gel accent, but these are nice lightweight shades for skate or surf or all activities california and summer.

Claw Money

Claw Money and WEST FC from PNB + AND SUNS "Gazelle" sunglasses are throwback to days when Claw was still a griffiti artist and B-boy's wore the kind of head-turning aviators that inspired these.

These are definitely one of the top pairs of sunglasses this summer, but the temples might just be a little too much and almost gaudy. There is something to be said for simplicity in the temples of such bold eyewear.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Super Caliroots

Super has released a special preview of its “Flat Top” model for the third anniversary of Caliroots. This purple edition is limited to an individually numbered 50 pairs. They go on sale today Wednesday Aug 22. At 12pm European time in store (Stockholm) and 3pm European time online.

These and the rest of Super’s eyewear are hand-made in Italy and feature Carl Zeiss lenses.

If you aren’t able to get a purple pair, look for more colors and combinations of these sunglasses in shops January 2008, or check out the rest of Super’s collection, which seems largely inspired by the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers.


So, everyone has been talking about Kanye West’s new sunglasses by Alain Mikli. They were first shown in the video for his latest single “Stronger.”

They’ve also recently made quite a few public appearances, and incited quite a public demand for these unique shades.
Kanye and his entourage showin’ the shades ‘round town in London.

CREDIT: PEOPLE/CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/GETTYPrinces William and Harry would love to get their hands on these.

Designer Jeremy Scott created these louvered sunglasses with a typical flair for the bold/kitsch/80’s. Kanye claims these slit style shades are from Paris and that he spent three months searching for them. He also plans on remaking these eye-catchers for his soon to be released clothing line “Pastelle.”

As much as Kanye is trying to create new trends when it comes to music, fashion, and eyewear, this is one he can’t take complete credit for. These types of shades have been around since at least the mid 80’s. The resurgence of louvered shade eyewear has indeed been encouraged by Kanye, but demonstrates once again the current demand for all things 80’s.

Also check out louvered eyewear (at the 2:47 mark) in Animotion’s 1985 Video for “Obsession,”

or this interesting patent from ’88 for louvered glasses with simultaneously tilting blinds.


Louis Vuitton has re-released their “Millionaire” sunglasses. Designed by Nigo (A Bathing Ape) and Pharrell (Billionaire Boys Club), they come in Light Blue, Purple, and Black. But good luck getting your hands on them, they’ve been going as quickly as when they were first released.

Check out Cliff Edge or a Louis Vuitton store to see if there are any left.

Monday, August 20, 2007