Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cazal's 858 Vintage

Cazal relaunched their vintage model "Cazal 858" with help from some of the most reveared Japanese companies in the fashion business. The model has an interesting asymmetrical look and is an angular take on a shield or aviator stunner sunglasses look.

Those temples might have been an influence on the Claw Money Gazelle aviator sunglasses we saw earlier this summer.

Each of the four different companies incharge of distribution carries a unique color, and each edition is limited.

Col. 251/252 is with Tric Trac Plus Funky One
Col. 252 is with Liquor Woman and Tears
Col. 253 is with C-C Country
Col. 255 is with Swagger and Phenomenon who have had some other great eyewear colaborations in the past.

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