Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, everyone has been talking about Kanye West’s new sunglasses by Alain Mikli. They were first shown in the video for his latest single “Stronger.”

They’ve also recently made quite a few public appearances, and incited quite a public demand for these unique shades.
Kanye and his entourage showin’ the shades ‘round town in London.

CREDIT: PEOPLE/CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/GETTYPrinces William and Harry would love to get their hands on these.

Designer Jeremy Scott created these louvered sunglasses with a typical flair for the bold/kitsch/80’s. Kanye claims these slit style shades are from Paris and that he spent three months searching for them. He also plans on remaking these eye-catchers for his soon to be released clothing line “Pastelle.”

As much as Kanye is trying to create new trends when it comes to music, fashion, and eyewear, this is one he can’t take complete credit for. These types of shades have been around since at least the mid 80’s. The resurgence of louvered shade eyewear has indeed been encouraged by Kanye, but demonstrates once again the current demand for all things 80’s.

Also check out louvered eyewear (at the 2:47 mark) in Animotion’s 1985 Video for “Obsession,”

or this interesting patent from ’88 for louvered glasses with simultaneously tilting blinds.

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