Monday, August 27, 2007

Ralph Lauren Polo, Marc Jacobs, Isoceles Trapezoids.

Presented for your consideration:
There seems to be a striking similarity between these two plastic framed aviators. Most noticably through the bridge where both models feature a near isocoles trapezoid cut-out.

The Marc Jacobs MJ012/S, which may be listed on the site a only available in "Black Leopard" but which is at the Barney's Co-op store in a few other colors as well.

The Ralph Lauren Polo 4011, shown here in tortise with green lenses, but probably a more stylish choice in black with grey lenses.

If you're into chunky plastic framed aviators then you've got two nice ones to pick from here. If you're into isosoles trapezoids too then you're in heaven. These two are pretty similarly priced (a little under $200); its up to your tastes which you prefer.

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